Design consultancy: Butcher & Gundersen
Advertiser: Marston's

Executive Summary

Having acquired the Wainwright brand from Thwaites Brewery, Marston's wanted to turn this award winning Lancashire ale into an iconic national beer.

Inspired by famous local author and fell walker Alfred Wainwright, the beer had a strong local following, but its potential mass appeal beyond the county was unknown.

To complicate matters, the ale market was evolving significantly and new entrants to the category were changing people's expectations and appetites for the types of beers they wanted to drink. Both Marston's traditional ale drinkers and the new young drinkers entering the category, and driving growth, were being seduced by a new contemporary aesthetic and a more compelling communication of the key purchase drivers – refreshment and liquid colour.

Wainwright's position in the market and its national ambitions were under threat.