Campaign details

Agency: GOOD Agency

The work required a fundraising appeal to meet WaterAid's most ambitious target ever (£3.9m).

And the campaign needed to bring in new supporters, and to promote positive brand sentiment so that by 2030 everyone, everywhere can access clean water.


Fundraising's full of rules.

But these rules have brought fundraising to a place where it's easy to ignore - as evidenced by declining results across the sector.

Thus WaterAid needed to break the rules and tell the story of the people of Tombohuaun, Sierra Leone, in a completely new way.

This strategic pushed WaterAid beyond their typical NGO reach into a digitally native, millennial demographic.

It was matched by a comms strategy that prioritised light touch engagement - inviting people to like, share and be part of the community so that they'd be more likely to want to donate to it.

And a media strategy that was led by digital, social and PR, with reach added by cinema, taxi advertising and train panels.