Campaign details

Agency: Arthur London

Raise awareness of WCRF's cancer prevention recommendations by driving people to an online assessment and risk reduction tool.


Smoking excepted, developing cancer is largely put down to bad luck or bad genes. WCRF UK needed to jolt people out of the apathy and cynicism associated with healthy eating and drinking by asking if they realised they were making it easier for cancer to attack them.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness and change behaviour based on the results of the charity's latest research into the effect of diet on cancer risk. The approach followed two paths: jolt people out of apathy by presenting a familiar health message from a different perspective, and offer a simple way to check how food and drink affects cancer risk.


The campaign name "Attractive to cancer" applies the visual tropes of the fashion world to cancer in a shocking series of images and films, showing what we consume can kill us. These drove the target audience to a health assessment tool on the WCRF website.