Design consultancy: Thompson Brand Partners
Advertiser: YPO

Executive Summary

People getting together to use their buying power to get better deals is not a new thing, the public sector has been doing it for years.

Set up in Wakefield in 1974, YPO is a buying organisation with the purpose of getting better deals for its members. Owned by 13 local authorities, YPO proved itself good at buying school exercise books at huge discounts during the first 30 IN WAKEFIELD years of its existence, becoming famous to school children as the name on the back of their school books.

However, ineffective management and intense competition led to dwindling profits and an unengaged workforce. The owners called for change and installed a new board in 2012, who had a vision for YPO to be the number one public sector buying organisation in the UK.

This is the story of how Thompson used design to kickstart YPO's turnaround, from failing organisation to force for good.