Advertiser: adidas
Brand: adidas
Agency: Johannes Leonardo New York
Country: Global


Adidas Originals, a sub-brand devoted to streetwear, was founded in 2002 on the principle of taking classics from the Adidas archive, and reimagining them for today.

In 2016, the brand was on top of the world. The 43 year-old Superstar shoe was the best-selling sneaker globally, and the brand released its first truly new design – the NMD – to lead it into the future.

At the start of 2017, when our campaign launched, the challenge was to continue this unparalleled momentum in the face of a fast-changing global environment:

  • More competitors than ever: As streetwear found its way to the mainstream, we found ourselves competing with a wider array of brands. From massive stalwarts like Nike and Jordan, to speciality brands like Supreme, to high fashion brands like Gucci, everyone had jumped onto the bandwagon.
  • Brand perception still clinging to "retro": After years of reissuing classics, Originals was known mainly for this look, despite new designs.
  • A complex portfolio of different shoes appealing to different audiences: Mainstream retro classics were now mixed with cutting-edge new designs, making the Originals portfolio a dynamic, but complicated one.
  • The brand's most important markets (US, UK, China, Germany) were all different in terms of market share, perception, brand equity and product priorities.
  • Softening sales of Superstar – the lynchpin for the brand's success in previous years, now lagging, implied a need for growth across line to balance revenue.