Agency: Louder
Country: Russia

The summary statement

The BASE Moscow is the first football base on a city rooftop that became a hotspot for young players to discover new facilities for daily training. The location created an unbeaten brand environment that united like-minded people and passionate street-football players. The BASE Moscow became one of the most popular Moscow places during the summer period, with the best parties, trendy events and triggering content.

Campaign strategy

To develop and implement a unique platform based on sport for constant engagement with the target audience and to unite and grow a wide community with a high level of loyalty and brand awareness.

Gaining an audience that engages in a large variety of activities from competitive sports brands. To increase brand awareness, loyalty of the audience and the number of brand advocates.

Target audience - young boys and young men aged 14 to 25, who see soccer as a part of their lives, rather than just a hobby. They are part of a street soccer community. They participate in soccer matches, often carry a soccer ball around, and actually live the game.

Campaign concept