Brand Loyalty in the Digital Age

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The line between traditional and digital media is now so blurred that we can hardly distinguish between the two. We are nearly at the point when digital engulfs most media channels, and it becomes… just media.

In some markets, this has already happened. Although traditional media still accounts for around 67% of spend globally (source: GroupM), the UK, for example, is a more advanced market that has reached the tipping point, with 56% of adspend on digital and 44% on traditional media channels.

These trends will only continue. Slowly but surely, with the advent of video-on-demand, addressable TV and digital audio, media channels that used to be broadcast and linear are becoming targetable, with the ability to be bought programmatically. For example, Virgin Media recently announced that it will join Sky's AdSmart offering, heralding the arrival of mass addressable TV in the UK, with the ability to target up to fifteen million 'known' households.