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Brand: LG Electronics
Agency: Krema worldwide

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The ability of a television to consistently represent images across a range of viewing angle is getting more attention from experts as an important factor in determining the overall quality of the image. Although other LCD TVs claim the ability to produce billions of colors, viewers can only experience these benefits when they are seated directly in front of the TV center. This is because the colors, contrast and brightness of these displays may vary depending on the viewing position or the user's angle. However, according to a survey by IPSOS, on average, only four percent of US and French viewers watch television while sitting in front of their TVs, while more than half of viewers watch their LCD TVs from lateral angles.

LG's 3rd generation 2017 SUPER UHD TVs with Nano Cell display technology can deliver richer, more accurate colors with wider viewing angles than conventional LCD displays. What this means is that friends and family sitting on a long sofa will not experience any difference in perceived color if they are sitting directly in front of LG SUPER UHD TV or at a 60 degree angle. LG's SUPER UHD TVs are also the ideal platform for consumers to view any content, in particular live sports, helping them to see the full picture information on the screen from any angle.

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