ALDI Australia: How ALDI rewrote the Christmas Playbook


The lay of the land

As we started work for the 2014 festive season, we realised ALDI was on the Christmas back foot.

First, our positioning as a discount supermarket was less relevant at Christmas.

Despite strong growth, in early 2014 ALDI was still seen as an obscure discount retailer. Shoppers were looking for something special and weren't willing to compromise on quality just to save a couple of dollars.

"ALDI's fine normally, but I'd feel like a cheapskate if I went there for Christmas."1

The no-frills store experience didn't help.

The barriers around the ALDI's store experience are heightened at Christmas.2

"ALDI just wouldn't have the things i need, and when you're shopping at Christmas it's nightmare enough without traipsing from shop to shop"