Australian Government – Department of Social Services: Violence Against Women: Let's Stop it at the Start

Hugh Munro, Kathy O'Donoghue


Violence against women is a national disgrace, and 96% of Australians condemn it.1

If you're an Australian woman aged over 15, violence from an intimate partner is the leading cause of preventable death, disability and ill-health.2

One-in-three women will experience physical or sexual violence at the hands of someone they know.3

In 2015, 80 women were killed by a current or former partner.4

It's time to break the cycle of violence for good.

Previous efforts have sought to reduce violence by dealing with the most immediate issues: addressing perpetrators, victims or bystanders.5 They help provide women's shelters, and counseling services for both women and men. It's vitally important work. But the awful truth is that it doesn't actually prevent violence from growing in the future.