BankSA: Leading a Cultural Revolution

Saatchi & Saatchi

Leading a Cultural Revolution

This is the story of how strategy brought a brand's heritage together with the beginnings of a deep cultural movement, in order to revitalize the brand and once again make it a leader in its state.

From the client

For decades, BankSA had been in steady decline. While it still ranked #1 in key measures1, it was no longer the dominant leader.

BankSA was in its own words, 'out of step with the times'.

The parochial South Australian people no longer had a need for BankSA – it was quickly sliding towards irrelevance.

The client challenge was to 'Revitalize BankSA, converting latent affinity for the brand into business results.'

We had clear objectives:

Business: Arrest the decline, returning home loans and credit cards to growth.