Deakin University: VCE Stress Break

The Royals


It's late October 2015, the week before the Victorian high school exams. Exams that decide the fates and futures of Victoria's year 12 students.

A time of heightened emotions, where compounding stress and anxieties are being acutely felt by teenagers right across the state as they madly study their way to the finish line and try to cram 12 years of education into one week - STUVAC.

For universities, it's also a time of stress. It's when their campaigning comes to a head and they need to make sure they are top of mind and reinforcing their propositions to secure coveted VTAC course preferences.

This is a particularly challenging period to market in

It's competitive, with all universities throwing everything they have at trying to dominate this period. AQX media data suggests that approximately 60% of annual ATL category investment occurs between September and December each year.