How not thinking straight grew Dare Iced Coffee

Pieter-Paul von Weiler and Lucy Cochran
AJF Partnership

In need of a hero

By introducing $1/L milk, Private Label drastically changed the dynamics of the milk category. In response Lion, who had a large dairy portfolio, needed to change strategies to refocus on new profitable opportunities. Lion identified an opportunity for growth in Dare Iced Coffee. They subsequently charged the Dare brand with the hefty growth target of doubling volume in three years.

To achieve this, Dare needed to take on some tough competition.

A mighty competitor – Ice Break

With a history of ballsy communication, competitor Ice Break was loved for its masculine strength by ice coffee's heartland consumer: red-blooded Aussie males who weren't afraid of physical labour. And just like Dare, Ice Break contained real coffee, fresh milk and sugar.

As a secondary competitor, Oak established a unique positioning with its Hungry Thirsty campaign – a campaign that young males lapped up.

Fridges full of 'pick-me-ups'