How software Innovation helped lift the veil on insurance to justify the value of NRMA Home Insurance

Jamie Watson, Lauren Thompson
M&C Saatchi Sydney

Judge's cheat sheet

This is the story of how we reframe the value of what an insurance brand can offer. We built a tool of genuine utility that demonstrated the NRMA Insurance core purpose, to make the world a safer place.

As most people infrequently make claims, home insurance is a product that some struggle to see value in.

In a category of, low interest and low understanding price comparison sites have grown dramatically, encouraging customers to make a decision on price rather than quality of cover. NRMA Insurance, a premium brand, were struggling to justify their price premium.

By developing a piece of software that allowed people to better understand their risk, we were able to increase consideration levels and demonstrate the additional value NRMA Insurance offers.

Two challenges