Kellogg's Australia: Unstoppable

J. Walter Thompson, Sydney


Although one of Australia's most iconic brands, Nutri-grain was facing multiple relevance problems that had led to a ten year decline:

  1. Brand irrelevance
  2. Nutri-grain had failed to keep up with today's teens. (And Mum no longer believed it would "turn her son into an iron man"). Sales continued to slide, decreasing -6.4% in the previous 12 months1.

  3. Product irrelevance
  4. Teens were choosing more convenient breakfast options. One in four Aussie households buys liquid breakfast2.

  5. Category irrelevance
  6. Many teens had gone off breakfast altogether. In 2014 30-40% of teens skipped breakfast3.

  7. Price irrelevance
  8. Mums were unprepared to pay the price premium and were buying 'on special'.