NBN Co: Revitalising a brand from the inside out

Moensie Rossier, Megan Hales
BWM Dentsu

The Problem

The nbn™ network is the most comprehensive and largest infrastructure project in Australia, built to connect the entire nation and activate eight million homes and businesses by 2020. It was born from an inspiring vision to help bridge the digital divide and ensure all Australians have access to fast broadband.

However, following the 2013 federal election, the nbn underwent a series of government and organisational changes, which influenced media and public perceptions. Attitudes to the nbn now varied considerably and there was a lot of confusion.

Australians surveyed believed the nation needed fast, reliable broadband but couldn't articulate how the nbn would deliver these needs or how they would personally benefit from faster broadband in the future, impacting their decision to embrace the network. These perceptions reflected negatively on the business, employees, and nbn brand.

The Opportunity