St.George: The Power of Thumbs

Saatchi & Saatchi

The Power of Thumbs

This is the story of how strategy really dug deep into the truth about Millennials' relationship with money, uncovering a powerful and compelling role for St. George.

The brief

St.George has very proud, traditional roots. Born in the southern suburbs of Sydney as the St.George Co-operative Building Society in 1937, it only acquired bank status in 1992. Today, St.George is Australia's fifth largest bank and part of the Westpac Group. Its humble beginnings ensure the St.George brand continues to have strong appeal with home buyers and mature families.

The long-term future of St.George's business is dependent upon bringing through the next generation of young customers – Millennials. Many of these digital natives have never gone to bank branches, born into a world of online banking. St.George's traditional heritage is at odds with this, meaning that for many Millennials, St.George isn't even on the radar.