Toyota: RAV4 - Anything Goes

BWM Dentsu

TOYOTA RAV4: Anything Goes

When it first launched in 1994, RAV4 was a true trailblazer. Creating the exciting new Compact SUV category, it quickly established itself as an icon for the young and independent; the enabler of the active lifestyle that its 20 something drivers longed for. In a market dominated by the larger off-roading SUV, RAV4 provided a welcome, more versatile alternative to the big, rugged 4WDs.

Fast-forward 20 years, RAV4 was facing an identity crisis. Having led the category for so long, RAV4 had grown up with its audience both in terms of size (to accommodate the now 40something drivers' offspring) and brand promise ("a great place to raise a family"). As a result, the brand was missing out on today's generation of young, adventurous, compact SUV intenders.