Weight Watchers: Turning Around a Four-Year Decline by Reading Between The Lies

Emily Field, Jennifer Rhodes

In weight loss the questions are simple – "Why are 2 in 3 Aussie adults overweight when solutions are everywhere?" – but the answers are complicated. There is no silver bullet. Whether you're a weight loss consumer or marketer, it's only after accepting this that you end the yo-yoing of short-termism.

Accordingly, this is a story about purpose and the subsequent reversal of a four-year loss.

It's also about learning how to listen with your eyes. And this, we hope, will open yours a little wider.

The context

From Empire to Irrelevance

For 50 years WW monopolised weight loss. Then suddenly, the category changed irreparably.

2011 signalled the end of an empire and the start of a relentless four-year decline averaging