'Do we need a target audience any more?' The APG is posing just that question at its April event, this paper is a rebuke to anyone who thinks the answer is 'no': charting as it does the successful reinvention of a service based entirely on a genuinely insightful and thrillingly crisp re-definition of its young Asian audience. An audience that are generally misunderstood and poorly served by the advertising industry, even as we nail our diversity colours to the mast.

Asian Network is a small but culturally important BBC Radio Station: but it was failing to recruit new listeners.

On a tight budget we embarked on a journey of cultural immersion: we listened to how young British Asians defined their generation and rebuilt the station around a core truth.

This new generation refused to define themselves as either 'British' or 'Asian'. Their playlists weren't divided into 'Asian' and 'British': and neither were their lives. The answer was to evolve the station into a cultural space that connected with both sides of their identity.