Campaign details

Brand: Beats by Dre
Client: Omar Johnson

Executive summary

You may not remember or believe it, but there was a time when Beats By Dre was the brunt of internet memes, dismissed by 'serious' audiophiles as the poser's headphone. You bought Beats if you didn't 'get' music. If you were serious, you bought Sennheiser or Sony or Bose or Bang&Olufsen. But not Beats.

But now you do buy Beats.

Everyone buys Beats.

Around 70% of headphones sold globally are Beats By Dre.

Even Apple bought Beats. For 3 billion US dollars.

And why? Because Beats did two things that we as an industry always evangelise but rarely actually do.

Firstly, Beats gave people a purpose; a 'why'; an emotional reason to give a f*ck about headphones.

That purpose was simple: focus.