Campaign details

Brand: MyMusicRx
Client: Children's Cancer Association
Agency: Anomaly


Bed is great, isn't it?

Bed is a refuge.

A place to rest, recover and enjoy.

Reading this paper now, you might even be in bed, or be looking forward to getting into it tonight. But this is a story about a transformative new insight into beds. An insight that reframes beds not as wondrous places, but as ordeals. An insight that no charity has talked about before or acted upon. An insight that ignited awareness for the flagship program of the Children's Cancer Association: MyMusicRx, a charity dedicated to the healing power of music

Tasked with raising awareness of this wonderful charity, Planning revealed that for sick children their illness is only one part of the challenge.

What really gets them down - what finally erodes their usually unfailing joy - is something very simple: they're trapped in bed.