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Brand: dosist
Client: dosist
Agency: Anomaly



You could work 10 lifetimes and not come across a more disruptive category.

It is both criminally prohibited and a highly-celebrated case of decriminalization.

It is a Schedule 1 Drug that is also given to children suffering from Dravet Syndrome.

Historical stereotypes are still deeply entrenched: "Baked", "Grass", "Ganja", "Stoned", "Weed", "Pot".

Scientific acumen is beginning to take hold: "Endocannabinoid", "Cannabinoid", "Terpenes"

It is hippy mysticism. And hard science.

And, today in America, it is bought illicitly on the street and it is invested in by Wall Street.

This is the story of how a team of Strategists and entrepreneurs harnessed all the disruptive power of cannabis to create dosist: a new brand that invented the category of dose-controlled cannabis. A case study that is proof of Strategy at its most creative.