This paper shows how planning informed KFC's decision to contradict the overwhelming industry drive towards short-form content, with a long-form, high-quality, episodic, video series, resulting in their most successful digital campaign to date.

Research identified that the low penetration amongst their most valuable age group, 16-24's, was being caused by negative perceptions of KFC on the key drivers of brand preference. As this demographic are increasingly shifting their attention (specifically their video consumption) online, we decided to address this issue primarily through online video. And to do so with an entertainment format that they would choose to watch, rather than traditional advertising that they are choosing to block.

In an age where 16-24s are being alleged to have an attention span less than that of a goldfish, media owners are pushing increasingly shortening ad formats and creative direction such as, 'get your message in in the first 3 seconds,' is widespread, it might seem like madness to expect them to watch 5 minute long episodes. However, unlike the advertisers who are being blocked, YouTuber's are making long videos, and our desired audience is watching them in their millions.