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Brand: HM Revenue & Customs
Client: HM Revenue & Customs
Agency: adam&eveDDB London

Paper Summary

Marketers tend to rely on positive emotions to drive pleasant experiences or feelings if you buy our product or service.

But when it comes to motivating an audience to do an administrative task, it's never going to be a laugh. And it's hard to fool anyone otherwise. So when it came to convincing people to file their taxes on time, rather than inventing a positive reward for getting them done, we bravely chose to take another approach…

We discovered our Self Assessment audience knew they needed to file their tax return, but were just procrastinating. Actively sweeping it under the rug. Bumping it down the 'to-do list.' Forthem, this wasn't a positive experience. It results in an ever-present 'niggling' feeling. A mental ball and chain. A tax-shaped, ever-present pebble in their shoe.