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Brand: Mothercare
Client: Mothercare
Agency: mcgarrybowen


This is a paper about how strategy can make a difference.

How it took Mothercare, a brand staring into the abyss, and gave them a new positive outlook. It gave them a reason to exist and a credible point of view that enabled them to smash taboos and push culture forward.

It demonstrates that strategic thinking inspired every aspect of the process - from briefs that inspired powerful creative ideas to defining a new executional approach, and even impacted on internal culture at Mothercare.

Most importantly, it is a story of how we made a real difference to mothers across the world - turning the body shame that many mothers feel post-birth into body pride.

Brutal times for Mothercare

Mothercare is in deep trouble.

Once the go-to one-stop-shop for everything a parent needs, now facing disaster.