Campaign details

Brand: Barbie
Client: Mattel
Agency: BBDO New York / San Francisco


This is the story of an icon, fallen from grace, and her herculean journey back to the top of the mountain.

It's also the story of how smart strategic thinking reclaimed a brand's lost DNA for a new generation of fans.

It's the story of how a woman can reignite her power, her fierceness, her purpose, all by returning to who she is, deep down inside.

This is the story of how we turned around a decline of eight consecutive quarters in three months, and ignited a global cultural conversation in the process.

This is the return of Barbie.

For 58 years, Barbie was an unmissable icon with over a billion dolls sold.

But the brand had been in steady decline for three years and something had to be done.1

By 2014, sales were down 16% and for the first time ever Barbie fell from the number one spot as the hottest toy for girls for the holidays, losing her crown to Disney's "Frozen."2