Campaign details

Brand: Oasis
Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: The Corner


Your advice was to present work 'that truly makes a difference and a dent in the world'. We probably haven't managed that. But we did make a dent in a few high streets, and made a splash online. We transformed our thinking (as well as a few others') and brought a declining brand back to growth by refreshing the rules of marketing.

We did it by stepping out of the room and listening to teenagers talk about how brands treat them like morons.

So we decided not to.

There were obstacles

It was late 2014. We had a brief to sell more stuff. In this case, bottles.

Oasis is a big brand, but young people weren't really feeling it. Great flavours, good to glug, but it was out of date, and its fans were generally older. A few ads in the past had made them stand out from the pack at the time, but hadn't turned into long running campaigns. There was little NPD coming up, in a category that thrives on it. The brand and sales were stagnant, with future growth looking bleak.