Campaign details

Brand: Signal (Unilever)
Client: Serena Mariani
Agency: R/GA London

Executive Summary

Hold tight, we're about to embark on a magical adventure where brushing your teeth is the gateway to a journey around the world, filled with exotic animals along the way!

Unilever's leading oral care brand, Signal has a clear purpose. Get families around the world to brush their teeth twice a day, because brushing your teeth twice a day is not only essential for a healthy mouth, but has impact on your overall well-being too.

However despite being aware of the health benefits, the majority of families still skipped brushing in the evenings.

So a pivot from the rational benefits to something that touched the hearts of our audience was required.

The success of this idea depended on the combination of insights that helped us deliver a behaviour change programme, not just a piece of comms.