Campaign details

Brand: Sixt UK
Client: Sixt rent a car
Agency: Grey Group London


Sometimes we do things for reasons we'd rather not admit. Sixt's "Drive Smug" campaign puts a shameful truth front and centre - we all rather like being envied and a posh motor gets us there pretty quickly.

Sixt was a no.9 brand in a commoditised market. Its proposition - premium cars at economy prices had gained little traction. Consumers preferred brands that offered price and convenience and even a big boot over a posh marque. Car hire simply wasn't considered part of a fun weekend, so why look for a more fun option?

Planning spotted the opportunity. Our young professionals, who had never driven a posh motor, loved the way it made them feel. It might not be pretty, but sitting behind the wheel of a BMW, Mercedes or Audi can do intoxicating things to the ego. We understood that this was ok coming from a rental company - it's a savvy bargain, playing a part - not actual offensive bragging.