Campaign details

Brand: Visa
Client: Visa
Agency: AMV BBDO

Executive Summary

The World Cup needs no introduction.

The seminal sporting fixture; an occasion unmatched in stature, audience or revenue. When the world's best footballing talent comes together to pit their talents against one another. When the world's finest teams and proudest footballing nations compete for the ultimate glory.

A golden opportunity for marketers.

But if you're a hard-to-explain payment network brand, how do you show up at the ultimate sporting occasion without everyone turning off?

If people don't think about your products normally, how do you make them engage amidst the clutter of the noisiest marketing battleground?

How do you use this unique opportunity of driving earned media to shed a light on a brand that is often invisible?

This is the story of how official sponsor Visa took the opportunity to get people talking about something nobody ever really thought of, by exploring an unlikely product-based message, with a divisive player who wasn't even going to play in the World Cup.