Campaign details

Brand: Whiskas
Client: Mars
Agency: Google Creative Labs


If the Internet had an official pet, it would definitely be a cat.

With over 30 million Google searches monthly, cat videos are the most popular content category on YouTube.

Surely this was favourable for Whiskas, the no. 1 global cat care brand but how could a relative newcomer to digital stand out in such – a crowded arena?

And how could Whiskas leverage this whilst being true to its brand purpose (the lead authority in cat care) and growth philosophy?

Upon realising an opportunity in offering care advice as informative entertainment, we chose to focus on kittens as the subject.

Not because they're cute - OK, that too - but because kittens represented the best way for our platform to drive category growth.

By noticing we could support new cat owners in the first year's "moments that matters", we unlocked our creative idea: kittens have a lot to learn to become adult cats. The year of kittenhood is as demanding as a school year - and Kitten Kollege was born.