What was the irrefutable consumer insight?

The same diversity that unites Torontonians, also divides us.

Describe the marketing challenge.

Opening your doors when others are closing theirs.

After opening its first store outside of Japan in 2001, UNIQLO had quickly risen to become the world's third largest apparel retailer.1 They are known for high quality, affordable fast-fashion clothing staples such as down coats, denim and t-shirts.

"From Tokyo to [insert new city name]" was UNIQLO's proven global store launch strategy. It introduced people to UNIQLO's Japanese heritage, values, and the design philosophy behind the clothes it makes.

Although the strategy had been successful in 51 U.S. markets, we believed Toronto's retail landscape presented a unique challenge. Store Merchandise Retail Sales had steadily declined since early 2015.2 Long-standing and respected brands like The Gap, Mexx and Jean Machine had closed stores and mega brands like Target barely lasted long enough to be remembered. On top of this, the competition in the fast-fashion category was fierce from established brands like H&M, Zara and Old Navy.