Effective seasonal and occasion marketing emotionally engages consumers with memorable advertising, often across multiple platforms. By identifying with popular events or cultural festivities, brands can improve perceptions and preference, driving sales at times when consumers are particularly susceptible to promotions and special offers.


Seasonal and occasion marketing allow brands to create positive associations and prompt purchase during times when consumers are typically prepared to spend more money – for example, religious festivals such as Christmas or sporting events such as the Super Bowl.

Key insights

1. Emotional appeals are highly effective in seasonal marketing

Seasonal and occasion marketing may provide the perfect opportunity to make entertaining commercials. Yet, unless a viewer emotionally engages with the advertising it is unlikely to have a significant impact on sales. Big events guarantee large audiences but established brands do not invest in airtime just to raise awareness. Instead, advertising in events such as the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup and the Academy Awards, are used to improve brand perceptions, prompting purchase. This article, from the US, contends that brands require high levels of emotional brand engagement to justify the 'big event' investment. A three-year review of 250 brands found that ads which entertain but do not increase brand engagement levels, do not create positive effects in the marketplace.