Advertiser: Mattel
Agency: BBDO San Francisco
Country: France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA 


For much of her 58 years, Barbie was an un-missable icon, and category leader, with over a billion dolls sold. But in recent years, the brand had lost its way. Brand equity was at an all time low, with studies showing that all mom saw in Barbie was a skinny, materialistic blonde doll with a boyfriend. What’s more, the media only reinforced moms’ perception of Barbie as a poor role model for their daughters.

As a result, Barbie hit rough times. In the two years prior to this work, sales fell every quarter causing parent brand Mattel’s stock to plummet by more than 50%.1 By the end of 2014, sales were down 16 percent2 and Barbie surrendered her crown as the number one doll for girls to Frozen, ending Barbie’s more than 50-year reign.3