Campaign details

Advertiser: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Brand: Bud Light
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy New York
Country: United States


The goal of our campaign was two fold: get people talking positively about Bud Light again in the cultural conversation, and increase key sales indicators.

Positive shifts in brand consideration and penetration

  • Consideration was at -3% in Aug '17 (1)
  • Penetration was at -4.5% in Aug '17 (1)

Positive shifts in key brand imagery metrics

  • Worth was at -2% in Aug '17 (1)
  • High Quality Brand was at -2.7% in Aug '17(1)

Share and sentiment of social conversation vs. key light beer competitors

  • Brand owned 44% of the light beer conversation on sodal(2)
  • Sentiment of online conversation for Bud Light was 48% positive prior to campaign start(3)