Campaign details

Advertiser: CALM
Brand: CALM
Agency: adam&eveDDB London
Country: United Kingdom


Suicide is the single-biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. 84 men take their lives every single week. More men die at their own hands, than through cancer, or heart problems, or car accidents. It costs the British economy over £20 million every single day.

But from men and women on the street, all the way up to those in government, it's an issue nobody wants to talk about. This stigmatises the issue further, driving men in crisis underground – leaving them feeling like there's nowhere to turn. This is fucking unacceptable and demands change. So we set out three objectives:

  1. Incite the nation to talk. Success was nothing less than a national conversation around male suicide. We would measure this through the quantity of headlines and earned media created.
  2. Force the government to change. Conversation wasn't enough. We wanted to affect systemic change, as measured through a concrete change in governmental policy.
  3. Stop more men from killing themselves. None of the above would constitute success if it didn't result in fewer men dying by their own hands. We would measure this through an increase in overall calls to the CALM helpline and an increase in suicides directly prevented on the helpline itself.

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