Campaign details

Advertiser: Yum! Brands
Brand: KFC
Agency: Mother London
Country: United Kingdom


Business objective: Get sales back to pre-crisis levels before the end of 2018

  • KPI: Value sales vs. pre-crisis

Marketing objective: Recover the loss of customers due to the crisis before the end of 2018

  • KPI: Penetration vs. pre-crisis

Brand objective: Boost brand perception that had been damaged as a result of the crisis

  • Brand image KPIs: Impression, reputation, satisfaction

Comms objective: Generate positive buzz and conversation around the KFC brand

  • KPIs: Attention, buzz, shares, comments, mentions

Creative work

There were four key strands of creative work that ran as part of the Chicken Crisis Recovery Plan, each delivering against a different stage on our 'Roadmap to recovery' (see strategy section).