Advertiser: Tencent
Brand: QQ
Agency: In house
Country: China


QQ Alert brings state-of-art facial recognition into a benevolent enterprise and facilitates what used to an impossible mission at maximum efficiency, together with active engagement of millions of young users of QQ. Technology has an aspect of brightness and warmth.

Creative work

  1. We have achieved an accuracy of 99.80% in matching pairs of faces of the same person at different ages, thanks to deep learning that allows us to know more about how human faces evolve, recognize and remove impressions of natural growth, and bring families back together.
  2. We aim to be the AMBER of China. Based on QQ's 800-million-class MAU and precise LBS, we are able to notify all QQ users in the same city of any person calling for our help promptly and mobilize their efforts to find lost children, elders or rare blood.