Campaign details

Advertiser: Tourism Australia
Brand: Tourism Australia
Agency: Droga5 New York
Country: United States


The challenge: How do you make Australia top of mind for American travelers and compelling enough to justify the 21-hour flight?

Australia: Great country. Bloody far away.

At least that's what you Americans think of us. Australia has a strong brand among American travelers, ranking third globally in desirability (take that, Italy), but our conversion funnel is incredibly weak – we fall down the list in intent (fifth) and drop off a cliff in visitation.1

Tourism Australia's existing campaign efforts were failing to move the needle – by amortizing their relatively small spend across multiple global markets with necessarily broad and generic messaging to appeal to China, the UK, India and the US (cue sweeping drone shots of cliffs with a celebrity voice over). Naturally, Americans weren't exactly compelled to book their Qantas ticket.