Design consultancy: Good
Advertiser: The Dell

Executive Summary

The Dell is a very special place. A stay here stays with you.

But, its identity was flat and its website was uninspiring and difficult. It looked like any other self-catering operation in a competitive part of the Scottish Highlands.

Since 2012, its owners Ross and Polly Cameron, have slowly improved the infrastructure. In 2015 they were ready for a relaunch and a drive for growth.

The Camerons wanted to sell the wonders of being situated in the stunning Cairngorm National Park along with the highlights of delightful Nethy Bridge.

It was our job to help them tell those tales.

This is an example of implementing design and marketing basics; letting the product speak for itself. We provided an objective approach, sending the right messages to the right groups at the right time. This helped portray a premium holiday destination; a class above the competition.