Design consultancy: Landor
Advertiser: Tata Global Beverages

Executive Summary

This submission demonstrates how Landor transformed Tetley's Tea sales from a -12% decline to a +3% growth globally, by developing a new brand strategy and evolved visual identity and packaging system.

Growing tea is tough. And getting tougher. With an ever more saturated global marketplace, and a new crop of premium entrants vying for their share, long-time leader Tetley needed to react. Facing a drop in sales and a brand diluted by an over-flexible design system, Tetley came to Landor to return them to the top.

Landor's task:

  • Put design at the centre of a strategic ambition to become a $3bn business by 2020.
  • Create a story to connect the brand with consumers across global borders.
  • Build a responsive, global style system. Flexible but with a strong core. Adapting at a local cultural level without sacrificing global equity.