Design consultancy: Taxi Studio
Advertiser: Carlsberg UK

Executive Summary

In early 2016 the Carlsberg brand was in crisis. Customer delists, years of deep promotional activity and a dated brand identity saw this 170 year old icon struggling to stay relevant as the market and consumers changed around it.

Our challenge was how to reinvigorate the brand to make it relevant again to Millennials who were leaving the brand, whilst also driving value to the category and profitability for the Carlsberg business.

The answer lay in Carlsberg's Danish roots, a new proposition and a premium rebrand which oozed Scandinavian style and simplicity. Well before the broader campaign launched, the packaging design won the hearts and minds of trade customers, consumers and the internal audience alike meaning that within three months of launch, the original 2017 objectives to stabilise distribution and profit had turned into significant growth.

Project Overview: Outline of the Brief