Design consultancy: Coley Porter Bell
Advertiser: Unilever Comfort

Executive Summary

In 2015, Comfort was the market leader in the UK, with a 46% share of the market (Mintel Laundry Detergents And Fabric Care, UK – August 2015). The brand had launched limited edition products under its Creations range for a number of reasons; to bring new news to a very crowded aisle, offer consumers a product that is contemporary and relevant to the point in time, create standout at fixture and excite trade partners.

We were asked to design the Comfort Creations Summer Limited Edition. A unique summer inspired fragrance had been created with a pink-coloured liquid, but everything else was open for development; naming, creative idea and design.

We created a striking design to 'excite the audience about the gorgeously Summery way their clothes will smell and feel if they use this product', as well as one that would:

  • Be launched as a clear part of Comfort's super sensorial, 'Creations' range
  • Drive sales during the summer season
  • Put attention on Comfort during the Summer and entice pick-up by resonating with the special mood of the consumer at that time