Design consultancy: Dragon Rouge
Advertiser: Danone

Executive summary

A bold new presence in the yogurt chiller for health-conscious adults

Danone are on a mission to bring "health through food" to as many people as possible, but while brands like Activia and Actimel had traditionally performed well with older female consumers, Danone under-indexed with younger women.

In 2015, Danone identified the opportunity to create a healthy, but rewarding yogurt, which would delight consumers who'd become accustomed to the lowered eating expectations of low-calorie yogurt. The new brand would offer truly great-tasting Greek-style yogurt with real fruit pieces. It would be big on taste and satiety, but with 30% fewer calories, zero fat and no added naturally occurring sugar.

But in order to connect with younger, health-conscious women, the new brand would need to respond to changing attitudes towards health and wellbeing, breaking away from the classically reductive visual and verbal vernacular of the 'diet' yogurt category to create a lifestyle brand for millennial consumers.