Design consultancy: M Worldwide
Advertiser: Hagkaup

Executive Summary

Huge supermarkets used to be all about weekly friction free shopping – going in, walking up and down the aisles, and getting out. Customers had to fit in with business imperatives that focused on streamlining, process, and logistics on an industrial scale.

That's all changing. People shop more frequently for fewer items, and want innovative experiences and places in which to dwell. Engaging ideas, compelling content, and shared space with other brands are the things that will keep them coming back.

Icelandic supermarket retailer Hagkaup partnered with M Worldwide to revisit its flagship store proposition, customer experience, and environment to meet customers' new shopping needs and fight of increasing competition. Not only this, but the flagship store footprint was reducing by almost 50% as a result of Hagkaup's business strategy to lower fixed costs but use remaining square meters 'smarter' to maximise the profit of each and every one.