Design consultancy: BrandOpus
Advertiser: McCain UK

Executive Summary

For the first time ever, McCain, the specialist in frozen potatoes, has moved to the chilled aisle with a new range of chilled potato products. McCain has hit the shelves with Shake Shake Fries, a new and exciting NPD offer shaking up the chilled potato market.

There was a huge opportunity to make chilled another destination for consumers to buy chips. McCain were hoping to capitalise on impulse 'for tonight' shoppers. They were looking for help to leverage their potato expertise in a totally new space.

To help do this, McCain approached BrandOpus.

From a design perspective, brands expanding into new categories can present challenges in terms of opening consumers' minds to new associations with the brand, however as McCain has such strong existing equity, BrandOpus has been able to translate their relevance into previously uncharted areas.