Design consultancy: Engine Service Design
Advertiser: Dubai Airports

Executive Summary

Already the world's second busiest airport, with increasing passenger numbers, an existing infrastructure operating at near capacity and an opportunity to capitalise on its 'East meets West' location, it was clear Dubai needed a new airport.

Since 2013, Engine has worked with Dubai Airports (DA) to help turn one of the world's biggest airports into the world's best.

We started by co-creating an overarching customer experience vision for the airport of the future, but there was soon desire to sow the seeds of change through 'hero projects' within the existing airport.

So that's the subject of this award entry – a project that tangibly demonstrates DA's vision of the future through the airport of today – by delivering 'Modern Hospitality and Meaningful Connections'.

Rather than develop a series of discrete initiatives, Engine worked with DA to lead a more holistic approach and designed a blended service solution that included; defining a behavioural service style, training frontline staff, operational and environmental planning, digital tools and enablers, new ways of providing information and new approaches to wayfinding.