Design consultancy: StormBrands
Advertiser: The Tofoo Company

Executive Summary

Our mission was to create the number one tofu brand in Britain.

R & R Tofu made the best tofu. Ever. The problem was that without a brand of their own, nobody knew about their delicious product previously only sold through health food retailers. So we set about creating a brand that undeniably 'owned tofu'.

And that's how The Tofoo Company was born. Next we needed to get people excited about the brand and spread the word. But we didn't target vegetarians, oh no. Instead we aimed our tactics at people who are trying to cut down on the amount of meat they eat. Our mission was to create the number one tofu brand in Britain, after all.

Consumer Engagement

Easy to customise, featuring recipe cards or boldly proposing flavour combinations straight from the pack, there's no wonder The Tofoo Co.'s range tofu is being featured in various social media food pictures. Shared by customers, the brand enjoys the connection created with their target market and this awareness has been a key factor in the 500% production increase.