Design consultancy: GW+Co
Advertiser: Zumtobel Group

Executive Summary

There's a revolution going on in lighting. It's the on-going drive for LEDs which are becoming ubiquitous and creating a huge replacement market with massive environmental benefits. But it can look dull, especially at the low-cost end. Products are functionally named and mostly interchangeable. This market is potentially huge, but highly commoditised.

GW+Co worked with the Zumtobel Group, parent company of the THORN brand, to brand THORNeco, its new economical range of LED lighting, targeted at electricians and sold via wholesalers over the counter ('OTC'). This was a strategic push by the group into a new B2B market segment with a clear goal for growth.

Early efforts by THORN to enter the sector had fallen somewhat fat. GW+Co knew they had to shake it up and create stand out. Applying a retail approach to the trade market, products were given real names, creating a product 'family'. Instead of using product photographs, the lights were illustrated, literally adding character based on how and where the lights were used. To introduce each product, GW+Co created short videos for each character, keeping them snappy for easy sharing. These really came to life on social media.